Accounting programs for start-ups

Accounting programs for start-ups

I have started many a small business in my time and nothing drives me to frustration more than bookkeeping. Keeping track of invoices, payments and purchasing can be an absolute nightmare for someone that doesn’t have a system in place to take care of it for them.

After years of filling out spreadsheets of every purchase / sale, creating invoices in mircrosoft word and trying to reconcile my bank statements, i finally went about looking for a solution to my accounting nightmare.

After a brief chat to a few tech minded friends i was introduced to Saasu. Sassu is an online accounting program built for every level of business, it doesn’t matter whether you are a man in a van or Linfox, the cloud based software versatile enough to handle everything you throw at it. The user friendly design was enough to grab me, unlike software based programs MYOB or Quicken, you simply click the sales or purchase tab, input your information and it’s done. It then intuitively gives you options to send, pay, adjust and anything else you can think of.

What really impressed me was the online bank feeds. Saasu integrates with your bank account online by importing your live statements automatically every few hours. This meant if i purchased a cab on the way home from a meeting using my eftpos card, saasu would display it in the bank feeds and allow me to create that transaction as a purchase in just a few clicks.

There is a million more features which i could rave about but the best way to see is test it out for yourself. Saasu offers a 30 day free trial to get you going, after that it is around $9 a month. Cheaper than any software based accounting packages.

I’m recommending this as it’s one of the tools my business could not survive without. Hopefully it helps you too!

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